Video Game Memories Hidden In Our Brains

The brain is a secretive vessel loaded with things we know and, unusually, things we’ve overlooked. My cerebrum was cruising along as normal on Wednesday until a moment before early afternoon when, abruptly, a Nintendo Switch official statement helped me to remember a game I had since a long time ago disregarded.

There in my email inbox was a title: “Nintendo Switch ‘Arcade Archives Solomon’s Key’.”

Solomon’s Key?

That sounds natural. That rings a chime. That… pause. Was that the game that my sibling and I played in an arcade in Disney World when we were kids during the 80s? Better believe it, that is the game. It down-poured that day. We were curious about with this game, most likely more often than not played Donkey Kong or Galaga, yet in that arcade on that specific blustery day, this Solomon’s Key game had been liberated to be to play for reasons unknown. We didn’t need quarters! It knocked our young socks off—and obviously heated a memory as a main priority that I’d at that point overlook for a long time.

The memory is shallow. I don’t recollect what this game was about, however the official statement gives a few insights:

Solomon’s Key is an activity game that was discharged from Tecmo in 1986.

Players utilize the ‘enchantment’ of the principle character Dana to gather things in different stages and get the book called Solomon’s critical.

I shot my mother a message at the beginning of today. Did she recall this? Disney? Free arcade game? Such downpour?

She said it wasn’t at Disney World yet rather one of only a handful couple of excursions we took to the Caribbean when we were kids. She says it was Super Bowl Sunday, which additionally rings a ringer. Perhaps the arcade proprietor set that game to free-play to rope individuals in on the grounds that the sightseers would somehow or another be watching the game? Not certain.

I don’t review on the off chance that I liked Solomon’s Key. I don’t think I at any point played it once more. For a minute last Wednesday, I just stayed there reeling, cherishing this thought my mind thinks about a greater number of games that I’ve played than I can in a flash review. I wonder what other gaming recollections are pressed into my mind’s lower decks, trusting that some other irregular occurrence will highlight them once more. I can at any rate foresee that they’ll include the machines I initially played computer games on—possibly the Odyssey 2 or Commodore 64. We possessed those. Of course, perhaps I’m overlooking something.