Pandora’s Box Wireless Arcade Stick with USB-key – for pc ps3 Raspberry pi android Pandora Box DX

$175.00 CAD



Pandora’s Box Wireless Arcade Stick with USB-key Wireless receiver joysticks for pc ps3 raspberry pi android Pandora Box DX

Feature of product:
1. Products using 2.4G wireless high-speed transmission protocol, with a delay as low as 0.5 milliseconds, anti-interference ability, the use of coverage of 100 square meters. So that you can anywhere in the home can be used at high speed, operating feel and cable console is no different
2. Built-in handle control chip, no need to install the driver plug and play, support the operation Pandora Box DX / PS3 / Raspberry motherboard / PC (computer) / Android devices (mobile phones, flat, etc.).
3. Console with 8 +6 key, fully meet all the needs of the game. Optional installation of the original three and buttons, the original three-joystick, more than a variety of key configuration by your choice.
USB wireless receiver parameters:Wireless Joystick USB-Key)
Product Size: 72MM * 25MM * 10MM
Power supply: USB powered
Applicable platform: PC / PS3 / Raspberry motherboard / Android device / Pandora Box DX
Working environment: temperature 5 ° C – 45 ° C, humidity 30% – 90%
Wireless console:Wireless Arcade Joystick)
Product Size: 360MM * 274MM * 116MM
Joystick: 8 direction joystick
Button: 9 original arcade button
Power supply: external AA batteries
Fixed way: sucker fixed
Material: high quality ABS plastic
Weight: about 1360g

Wireless Console Interface Description:


Picture 1

1.  On the left side of the first button is controller the power switch,when pressed, the power light is normal show green ,if in use, the green light quick show two times, battery is low, if the green light quick show three times, battery very low , then controller will not be able to use, at this time, please connect the charger, charging indicator light is red, and charge to complete the red light shut down, now please disconnect the charger.

2.  On the left side of controller is micro USB charging interface. 4 hours fast charging by built-in lithium battery version. In order to guarantee the service life of the product, when charging, please use the match original charger and cable.

3.  Controller main operating areas button using 8 + 1, is the game button area 8 buttons+ 1 start button.

4.  When the console is connected to the Pandora Box DX / PS3 / RASPBERRY PIE / PC (Computer)/ Android Devices, press the switch on the right side of the function keypad to the corresponding mode, then press the [home · pause] you can operate PS3 host.


Connect Between Wireless Console And USB-KEY:

This product has a total of 4 channels, allowing up to four wireless console at the same time, each console alone use a channel. Factory default is set to channel 1. when a player buys a new console, one of the console matches can be connected to another channel.

For example, matching connection by channel 2:

Press the start button and button 2, and then press the power button to open the console power, this time will see on the console power green light in the flash; this time the USB-KEY access to the PC / PS3 / Pandora Box DX and other devices in the USB interface, wait a few seconds after the match is successful power light is always on, this time can be normal operation, it is recommended in the match after the success of the system into the game controller for key test to confirm whether all the keys normal.

Connect The External Device Diagram:

1.Connect to PC

When the player wants to use the wireless console to play the game on the PC, the USB-KEY can be connected to the PC USB interface, and the toggle mode key, switch to PS3 / PC mode, and then the PC will automatically find the console, Enter the windows game controller to check all the keys.


2.Connect to PS3

When the player wants to use the wireless console to play the game on the PS3, the USB-KEY can access the PS3 USB interface, and the toggle mode key, switch to PS3 / PC mode, and then press the HOME button, PS3 will Identify the connection console, and then can be used normally.