Original Pandora Box DX 3000 in 1 Jamma Arcade Cabinet Kit

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FULL Arcade Cabinet Kit - everything you need other than the cabinet and monitor.With New Pandora Box DX 2992 game Official version Jamma PCB board - easily add more games!


Original Pandora Box DX 2992 in 1 Jamma board pcb CGA VGA HDMI For arcade machine arcade cabinet scan line have 3d


1 kit includes:

Pandora box DX 3000 in 1 motherboard *1

Jamma cable *1

Power supply *1

Joystick *2

LED button *15

Speaker *2

Speaker grill *2

Amplifier *1

Audio cable *1

Coin acceptor *1

Cooling fan with grill *1

Wires cable for led *1

Power socket *1

lock *2

Wires cable for LED buttons *1


DX Jamma PCB Features:

• The mainboard includes classic retro arcade games and home games,The game has been optimized by many software and hardware developers, And with super high-level player tested, Let you return to the original feeling of the game.

• The product has the function of open high quality screen, Better adapt to the era of high quality screen requirements.

• You no need to buy extra video converter, because mainboard support multiple output ports,Support HD digital output 720P to any HDMI port display device, And VGA output support downward compatible to old display devices.

• Support language: English / Korean / Spanish • Support HDMI audio/AUX audio output and the integrated power amplifier output to the speaker of the mainboard(Speaker output can be turn ON/OFF in system setting).

• Support the custom function of arcade button and gamepad, Support more than 90% of gamepad types connect to USB to play games.

• Support edit your favorite 99 games at the top of the game menu.

• Support pause function in the game.

Compared with the previous product function, Pandora Box DX adds the following content:

• Supports the save state/load state of the game. lf you are playing, but now need to go out,Before turn off the console you can choose save state, When you come back, you can load state to continue play this game.

• Supports auto saving of the game ranking high score.When you load it again, you will see that your name is still in ranking.

• In the main menu press OP start button, will show nine squares function select menu.

• Support recent game to selection and quickly start recent game,Support game name fast and accurate search, All 3D game selection,3 Players and 4 Players game selection and game types selection. (picture4) (pictures)

• 3D game update to 34 games,You can download the game copy to the specified path of U disk to add the game(Note: the basic storage of the mainboard is 32GB, and the remaining 2GB is reserved for save state and high scores. Please replace SD card with larger card or use USB dongle for adding games

• Supports 3 – 4 players simultaneous play

Easily add your own MAMA FBA PS! SFC SNES FC Mega Drive Games


DXVS6 900








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