60 in 1 Arcade Cocktail Table

60 classic games in 1 Jamma board, comes ready to play all the new and old games, which will bring back your fondest childhood arcade  memories.FREE SHIPPING! Note we only ship to VERIFIED Paypal addresses.Shipping time: Please allow 12-14 business days for arrival from order date.Duty may apply depending on your location, we do not charge local sales tax as this is applied on import to your country. Returns are only accepted for goods damaged during shipping, please refuse shipping at the door if box is damaged. All units are tested for quality assurance prior to shipping.We ship air express to your door with signature required to accept package. If you sign a "Signature release" for the package to be left without a person to receive it, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
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Main Features:

1- 60 classic games in 1 jamma board,comes ready to plug and play all the retro arcade classics

2- Can be setup to use any coins, which can hold about 200pcs of coins in the box. It can be set to accept your local coins.

3-  Support 2 players opposite sides of the table

4- Using 19inch full view angle LCD Screen

5- With operation manual in English Detailed Product Description

Color: Black

Screen: 19inch Full Angle Screen

Jamma Board: 60 In 1 Classic Games

Coin Function: Accept Any Coins

Voltage:110V-220V Based On Your Local Standard


Bubble pack  + stretch films + wood crate.

1. Packing with plastic bubble wrap
2. Sealed with stretch film
3. The outer packing with wood

Why choose us:

1. Quality guaranteed:

Special supervision team to control quality

All the products will be inspected carefully before delivery

2. Prompt assembly testing and shipping, following payment

3. Competitive price with high quality.

4. After service guarantee, Assure you the best services at all times.

Games List

  1. 1942
  2. 1943
  3. 1943
  4. Amidar
  5. Arkanoid
  6. Bomb Jack
  7. Burger Time
  8. Centipede
  9. Congo Bongo
  10. Crush Roller
  11. Dig Dug
  12. Dig Dug 2
  13. Donkey Kong
  14. Donkey Kong 3
  15. Donkey Kong Junior
  16. Frogger
  17. Galaga
  18. Galaga (Rapid Fire Mode)
  19. Galaga 3
  20. Galaxian
  21. Gun Smoke
  22. Gyruss
  23. Hustler
  24. Jumping Jack
  25. Juno First
  26. King & Ballon
  27. Ladybug
  28. Mappy
  29. Millipede
  30. Moon Cresta
  31. Do
  32. Do’s Castle
  33. Ms PacMan
  34. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  35. New Rally X
  36. Pacman
  37. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  38. Pacman Jr.
  39. Pac-Man Jr. (Fast Mode)
  40. Pac-Man Plus
  41. Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)
  42. Pengo
  43. Phoenix
  44. Pinball Action
  45. Pleiads
  46. Pooyan
  47. Qix
  48. Scramble
  49. Shao-Lin’s Road
  50. Space Invaders
  51. Space Panic
  52. Super Breakout
  53. Super Cobra
  54. Super Pacman
  55. Tank Battalion
  56. The End
  57. Time Pilot
  58. Van-Van Car
  59. Xevious
  60. Zaxxon


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