Restore My Pandora Pi

Has your Pandora Pi experienced some issues? Possibly you changed some settings and cannot get it back to normal?

Maybe your SD card itself has just failed… it sucks but it can happen, especially with larger SD cards like 128GB

Well here the good news… with a Pandora Pi system IT CAN BE EASILY FIXED!!!

There is a simple 2 step process.

1- Download this IMG file that contains the files as they were from first power up.

2- Download and install the tool to write the files properly to the SD card, this automates the process and makes it easy as a few clicks.
Visit the link below and Install Raspberry Pi OS using Raspberry Pi Imager

The Pi Imager tool is available for MAC OS or Windows or Linux and is simple to use. Just follow the on screen prompts.

Burning the IMG

A- Step one Select “USE CUSTOM” option at the bottom for the Operating System



B- Select the downloaded IMG file above (possibly in your downloads folder)

C- Click Storage and select your SD Card. Follow onscreen prompts to erase SD card enter password (if asked) JUst BE SURE you selected your SD card not another drive. All info will be erased!!!

Thats it!! let it do its thing and the files will be written. It may take a bit but varies by the speed of your PC system.