If you get a no TF U disk error on the DX this usually means a corrupted SD card. The steps below will get you back up and gaming in no time.

1.Download the files in the following links which are 2 compressed packages and put them in the same directory, and choose to extract them to get 10 folders and 10 files.





2. Format the included U disk as fat32 format, since the capacity must be above 32Gb 3. Copy the extracted 6 folders and 3 text files to the root directory of the U disk 4. After copying, pull out the U disk and connect it to PBDX console.

NOTE: (DON’T unzip the files in USB. Unzip them in your computer and then copy all the files directly to the USB.)

This is the link of video to show how to download and copy files to U-disk: