How long does my order take to arrive from the day of purchase?

Our units typically arrive in 12 BUSINESS DAYS (excludes weekends and holidays) or less worldwide. We typically place them with the shipping agent within 5-7 business days of order, as we assemble each unit to order specs, including any customization or upgrades.

Then our Quality assurance team will test the units prior to shipping to ensure everything is ready to play when it arrives.

Our actual shipping time is usually only 3 to 5 business days worldwide for most areas, once with the carrier. However please take into account seasonal holidays and weather. Please keep in mind COVID is still causing random delays out of our control.

Do you provide tracking information for my delivery?

Yes we ship air express with DHL, FedEx or UPS and provide tracking information within 5 – 7 business days of order.

Note we only ship to registered billing address for customer and purchase protection.
You MAY NOT change delivery address once with placed with the shipper.

What Happens if my package is stolen?

Stolen packages are very costly to us all. We unfortunately cannot be responsible for stolen packages. If the shipper marks the item as delivered we consider the purchase complete. You may make arrangements with the shipper to pickup your item at a secure pickup location. Please use your tracking link to manage your shipment. If your item is stolen you must follow the claims process with the shipper, we do not ship replacement units for stolen packages.

Will there be any import fees for my order?

Yes, duty import taxes and brokerage fees vary by country and is the law of each country and not avoidable. This fee does not go to us, but rather to your own government customs department and the shipper (if there is brokerage fee). We do not charge local sales tax to off set this fee, as well we keep the item value low to limit how much is charged for the import fee.

Do you provide warranty for your products?

Yes! We offer 1 year replacement parts, as all our products are designed to be easily repaired or upgraded.

What parts does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers all console components inside the console box. Such as motherboards, buttons, joysticks, speakers etc.
The warranty DOES NOT cover HDMI Cables, VGA Cables or wall adapters / power cables or battery packs, which can be easily sourced separately. Warranty does not cover damage due to non typical game play or damage to cable ports from    impact of cables or pulling of cables while inserted. Be sure to unplug all cables prior to storage to avoid damage to the ports. NOTE: if you jailbreak or alter the operation system in any way, our warranty coverage for the motherboard will be void. We do not replace bricked units.

What happens if I have any issues with my console?

We ship replacement parts,  free of cost within the first year. Proof of purchase is required, we ship only to the original purchase billing address. This does not apply to the free ROM games, they may not all be perfect, as is the nature of ROM games.

Do you accept returns?

Sorry we do not accept returns or offer a “try” then return service. All sales are final as is the standard policy for electronics of this nature. Most companies (eg: BestBuy)  will no longer accept returns for Laptops or tablets once opened, as an example. Shipping on these larger items is also very costly. Even though we offer “Free” shipping it is not free to us. We are charged up to $125 USD for air express shipping one way, making returns very costly and not feasible. If an agreement of return is approved, the customer is responsible for any return shipping fees.

Are the Games all perfect and play without issue?

The nature of ROM emulation comes down to the quality of ROM game itself, even on the best boards available. We do try and delete any poorly playing ROMs however some may have slight audio issues. This would be due to not being able to source a better ROM for some games that are often requested on the unit. We do not accept returns based on the free addd ROM games.

Can I use the Pandora’s Box as an arcade stick for other consoles?

YES! The Pandora’s Box can be used to control Playstation 3, Xbox or PC. Please note PS4 has not been tested for compatibility.

Is there any worry about the Novel Corona virus with packaging and shipment of my order?

No, there have never been any cases of the corona (or any other) virus being transmitted from a package. as per the CDC memo found here: Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods.

Ou factory is within a WHO clean zone with no risk to our staff or the public. Our factory has been cleared for operation by WHO and all shipping partners, we have had no reported cases among our team.

Can I refuse delivery of my order if I change my mind after ordering?

Any orders that are unable to be delivered due to refusal of accepting the order, will be charged a $100 restocking fee to cover all shipping charges. Once an order has been full-filled and placed with the shipper there are no refunds and the sale is considered complete. We will happily cancel and refund any orders that have not yet been shipped from our factory. (Excludes Custom Design orders)


The currency exchange tool is just a reference tool to give an idea of CAD to your local currency. The final checkout is done in CAD Canadian funds. Your bank or credit card provider will apply the most current exchange rate to your currency. We are not responsible for discrepancies from the conversion tool to the final conversion from your bank. It is just a reference guide not a true live updated rate.


You may reach us at , please note response times on weekends and holidays may be delayed.