Covid Shipping Delays

There are still significant delays in the international shipping system. Covid is massively affecting many flights and flight routes. This is causing stress on the system worldwide. While in your town or region it may not appear that DHL UPS or FedEx are overwhelmed, the backups are at international flight collection centers for the shipping carrier.

It is common at this time for the carrier to only show “Label Printed” but not that they have the item. If you call the support center they will not have more info, as they are simply a remote call center agent. We can assure you that your order is with the carrier if tracking is provided.

The collection facility will update the tracking links when the item is checked into a flight, until then it is in line and out of our hands. Once scanned into a flight, the link will then give a true estimate of arrival. We unfortunately do not have more information on our end, than the tracking link shows.

Please understand we have no reason whatsoever to delay your package. It has been a very challenging year + for all, especially in the international shipping business.

We truly hope the world gets back to “normal” soon so we can better serve all our loyal customers with faster turnaround times. We understand any frustrations with delays and honestly apologize.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

Stay safe everyone!